NIX Solutions: AI Trains Launched in Russia

Russian Railways has launched test trains with artificial intelligence. With their help, Russia hopes to reduce the number of accidents that occur due to the human factor, reports Ferra.

The autopilot technology for trains was developed by Cognitive Pilot. Its director said that this system is not used anywhere in the world. Russia has a chance to become the first country to adapt neural networks and technical vision to reduce accidents on railway tracks.

“We have already made 10 experimental locomotives with AI, they were sent for testing at Russian Railways. One of the testing stages for product certification is currently underway. If everything works out, then the safety on Russian railways will change dramatically, artificial intelligence should minimize the number of accidents due to the human factor, it will not allow a person to make a mistake, ” said Olga Uskova, director of the Cognitive Pilot developer company.

Ten experimental AI locomotives are currently being tested. Cognitive Pilot notes that if trains run on a permanent basis, the safety on Russian railways will change dramatically. The number of accidents will be minimized, as the complex mounted on locomotives can detect objects on the railway, including trains, tracks and people, adds NIX Solutions.

Cognitive Pilot stressed that they plan to finish testing and obtain permission for industrial production in the fall of 2020.