NIX Solutions: Adobe Announces Project Stardust – Revolutionary AI Feature for Photoshop

Ahead of the Adobe Max conference, the company unveiled Project Stardust, a groundbreaking Photoshop AI feature set to replace traditional tools like the “Lasso” and “Magic Wand” with the power of generative neural networks.

Feature Highlights:
  • Effortless Object Recognition: Project Stardust effortlessly identifies individual objects within an image, enabling users to manipulate them as distinct Photoshop layers. For instance, in a few simple clicks, you can move an object, with the background automatically generated to seamlessly blend into the environment.
  • Intuitive Object Replacement: Replace objects with ease using the integrated image generator accessible via the context menu. Seamlessly switch out elements while maintaining a harmonious composition.
  • Instant Distraction Removal: With a single click, eliminate unwanted distractions from your images. In the demo, this feature swiftly cleared out background clutter, enhancing focus on the main subject.
  • Dynamic Clothing Alterations: Project Stardust empowers users to dynamically generate and modify a person’s clothing, offering creative possibilities for enhancing or transforming an image.

NIX Solutions adds that the Project Stardust shares similarities with Adobe Firefly’s AI capabilities for video editing and is set to be officially unveiled at the Adobe Max conference, taking place from October 10 to 12.