NIX Solutions’ news: AI vs. Fake Reviews

Baedal Minjok startup launched in the fall of 2019 and is currently at the peak of popularity in South Korea, where the demand for contactless food orders has risen sharply due to the COVID-19 epidemic. This attracted “dishonest” marketers and those who wanted easy money and free food commentators. According to the company, these people offered about $5 for posting a positive review and paid for the order, for example, $23 for fried chicken.

According to Woowa Brothers, about 20 thousand fake comments were revealed, and similar fraudulent actions occurred in almost all catering franchises. Punitive measures were taken against the identified violators, and the company said it would terminate the contract with restaurants that would continue to publish fake reviews, reports IF24.

A monitoring group and even artificial intelligence work at Baedal Minjok startup to maintain the purity of comments and trapping such scammers. AI technology scans all reviews, filters out obscene or incorrect content, and then monitoring specialists conduct a second screening, explains NIX Solutions.

“Baemin has become a good platform in demand, customers can choose restaurants to their taste, but it is extremely important to ensure the authenticity of reviews,” said a representative of Woowa Brothers.

He noted that the comments monitoring capabilities will be further expanded so that each user can use the application with full confidence.