NIX Solutions reports: AI Chatbot Helps Adobe Accelerate Employee Help 30x Speed

Adobe announced that it has implemented an artificial intelligence based chatbot in its workflow. It answers the questions of the company’s specialists, unloading the work of the real support service.

With the arrival of the pandemic in our lives, people had to face many problems for which no one was ready. Adobe was no exception, but the company managed to quickly adapt to the new reality. Adobe has implemented an artificial intelligence chatbot that answers questions from remote workers. It can solve employee problems faster than a real help desk, reports NIX Solutions‘ team.

In Adobe, 22 thousand employees were transferred to remote locations due to the pandemic. First, the company created a separate channel in Slack where it was possible to connect with IT specialists. Then Adobe realized that some questions were more common than others, and the decision was made to optimize support.

For this, machine learning was used. The chatbot can recognize natural language and answer employee questions. The staff started using the innovation starting April 14, and since then more than 3,000 queries have been solved. The waiting time with the bot has been reduced from 10 hours to 20 minutes.

The bot’s accuracy has reached 97% thanks to constant training – this is the level of a real expert.