NIX Solutions on AI That Draws Portraits Based on Communication With People

Recently, scientific journal arXiv published an article stating that a group of researchers from the laboratory of Simon Fraser University in Canada created an artificial intelligence that draws portraits of people based on communication with them.

The system works in a rather interesting way: first, the AI ​​artist communicates with a person for some time and only after that begins to create his portrait. This is done so that artificial intelligence can learn more about the unique qualities and feelings of the interlocutor, and then use the information received to draw, notes Ferra.

“Our research lab uses a cognitive science approach to AI modeling, as well as human cognitive concepts to model AI. This includes human empathy and emotion,” said Steve DiPaola, professor at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University.

NIX Solutions adds that the process of establishing contact between the program and the person is built at a fairly high and comfortable level. Communication is carried out by a special agent program that has a realistic three-dimensional avatar, and is also able to communicate naturally, accompanying its words with hand gestures and facial expressions.