NIXsolutions: Anthropic Lets Creating Personal Assistants Based on Claude

Anthropic is expanding the capabilities of its chatbot, Claude, which is built on a generative neural network. The latest innovation, called “using tools” or “calling functions,” allows any user to create a personalized assistant for tasks like processing email, shopping online, or other activities. This feature can be connected to any external API of the user’s choice.


Creating Personalized Assistants

This new approach enables the creation of personalized assistants that can analyze data to generate customized product recommendations based on the user’s purchase history. It is also useful for generating quick responses to customer inquiries, such as tracking order status or providing technical support information. To create such an assistant, users need access to the API and some programming skills. Additionally, the new feature can process images, allowing applications to analyze visual data. For instance, a personal assistant for an interior designer can use a neural network to process images of a room and generate individualized design proposals.

Integration and Cost

Users can interact with the new tool through Anthropic’s Messages API, as well as on platforms like Amazon Bedrock and Google Vertex AI. The cost of using this feature is based on the volume of text requests to the Claude neural networks, measured in tokens. Typically, 1,000 tokens correspond to approximately 750 words. During the beta testing phase, the fastest and most affordable option was the Haiku model: $0.25 per million tokens deposited and $1.25 per million tokens exited. Testing of the new feature has been ongoing since April, with several thousand Anthropic clients participating, reminds NIXsolutions.

We’ll keep you updated as Anthropic continues to enhance and refine these tools, making it easier for users to develop powerful and personalized AI assistants.