NIX Solutions: Apple Takes on AI Training for Siri

The Korean publication, The Information, has recently unveiled Apple’s continued efforts in the realm of AI technologies. Their primary focus lies in the deep learning of Siri, with the aim of making the voice assistant even more intelligent than ChatGPT.

NIX Solutions

Investing Heavily in AI

Insiders have revealed that Apple is determined to stay competitive in the ever-evolving “AI race.” In a recent report, it was disclosed that the company is allocating “millions of dollars a day” to this venture. These substantial funds are dedicated to training extensive language models to meet the demands of future AI products, led by a dedicated team of 16 individuals under the leadership of John Giannandrea, head of Siri development.

Exploring the Frontiers

Apple is actively exploring various avenues in AI development, including chatbots and multimodal systems. There have been rumors that the Ajax language model’s capabilities are already comparable to ChatGPT 3.5. Furthermore, the company is diligently working on systems that can interpret the relationships between text, images, and videos, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of content.

Generative AI and Advanced Siri Functionality

In addition to these pursuits, Apple’s developers are delving into generative AI capable of producing videos and photos, notes NIX Solutions. Moreover, they aim to enhance Siri’s functionality significantly. The virtual assistant is poised to leverage the power of large language models to automate tasks based on voice commands, effectively replacing the existing “Commands” feature. These innovations are rumored to be part of iOS 18.