NIXSolutions: Australia Implements AI for Children Protection

Following the rise in child abuse material, the Australian Police decided to use more advanced tools to deal with the huge volume of files and images.


So, the police are building AiLecs artificial intelligence to make it easier to find suspicious material by weeding out harmless images and flagging those that should be reviewed by an officer.

The system being developed by the Australian police needs to be educated, and the police have reached out to the public, says SecurityLab. As part of the “My Picture Matters” campaign, Australian adults are being asked to share 100,000 childhood photos showing them as “happy kids”. The theme of the photo is unimportant (birthday, graduation, sports day, etc), it should simply depict a child doing ordinary things.

Once the training is complete, AiLecs will be able to automatically analyze the contents of the suspect’s hard drive. Images of happy children will be ignored and everything else will be flagged as suspicious.

By speeding up forensic investigations, AiLecs can help bring perpetrators of child sexual abuse to justice faster or uncover innocent suspects faster. Perhaps after the launch of AiLecs it will be possible to use in law enforcement agencies around the world.

However, the AI ​​will not be able to conduct forensic analysis on its own, so the police officer needs to check the results, notes NIXSolutions. Done right, AiLecs should be a powerful tool to help you get more investigations done faster.