NIXsolutions: ChatGPT Introduces Read Aloud Feature for Enhanced UX

OpenAI has recently implemented the Read Aloud feature within its ChatGPT AI bot, presenting users with an additional layer of interaction. This new feature responds to user queries using a selection of five distinct voices, contributing to a more versatile and personalized experience.

NIX Solutions

Multilingual Support and Compatibility:

Read Aloud supports an extensive range of 37 languages, automatically identifying the language of the user’s response. This feature is seamlessly integrated into both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 based chatbots, offering a comprehensive language experience for users worldwide. Notably, Anthropic, a key competitor to OpenAI, had previously integrated similar capabilities into its AI models.

Evolution of Voice Interaction:

Building upon the September launch of the voice request feature, which enabled users to speak their queries rather than typing them, the Read Aloud feature takes voice interaction to the next level. Users can now configure the chatbot to consistently respond verbally, providing an alternative and hands-free method of engagement.

User-Friendly Functionality on Mobile and Web:

To activate the Read Aloud function on mobile applications, users simply press and hold the field of their entered request. This action opens a dedicated “Read Aloud” player, allowing users to control settings such as playback, pause, and rewind for the audio response. Meanwhile, on the web version of the chatbot, the “Read Aloud” function is activated by clicking a speaker icon displayed beneath the response text, notes NIXsolutions.

In conclusion, the Read Aloud feature enriches the ChatGPT experience, catering to users who may be on the go or prefer an auditory interaction. OpenAI continues to enhance its AI capabilities, adapting to user needs and advancing the landscape of conversational AI.