NIX Solutions: Claude Can Improve Queries to Itself

Last year, a popular new profession in the field of artificial intelligence was the role of an engineer who writes queries to AI models. Now, Anthropic has decided to automate this task by entrusting it to the AI itself.

Enhancing AI Queries with Anthropic’s Tool

Large language models often provide adequate answers to non-professional user queries, but sometimes a small change in wording can significantly improve the quality of responses. Typically, this requires manually trying different formulations or using the services of an engineer. However, the new function proposed by Anthropic aims to simplify this task. The Anthropic Console control panel, designed for developing third-party applications based on the Claude AI model, now features a new “Evaluate” tab associated with a built-in query generator. This generator takes a short description of the request as input and generates a much longer and more specific one. While this tool is unlikely to eliminate the need for engineers, it can save them time and assist ordinary users, notes NIX Solutions.

Testing and Improving AI Responses

In the “Evaluate” section, third-party app developers can test how effective their app’s generated suggestions are in various scenarios. For example, developers can load a valid example into a test suite or ask Claude to generate test queries to compare their effectiveness. Developers can then rate the answers on a scale of five. In an example provided by Anthropic, a developer determined that their application produced too short responses in several test cases. One of the lines in the request helped make the responses longer, and this scheme was subsequently applied to all test cases.

The Importance of Effective Query Writing

Previously, Anthropic co-founder and CEO Dario Amodei noted that query writing is one of the most important aspects of the widespread implementation of generative AI. “It seems simple, but in 30 minutes a demand engineer can often get an application working if it didn’t work before,” Amodei said. We’ll keep you updated on further developments in this exciting field.

By automating query writing, Anthropic is not only streamlining the process for engineers but also empowering users to achieve better results with their AI applications.