NIXsolutions: EA CEO Sees Generative AI as Key to Efficiency and Growth

Electronic Arts (EA) is looking towards generative AI to transform its game development processes and player experiences. At a recent Morgan Stanley business conference, CEO Andrew Wilson highlighted the potential of this technology to significantly improve efficiency and expand the company’s reach.


One of the key areas where EA sees generative AI making a difference is development speed. Wilson pointed out that tasks like creating complex game environments, such as stadiums, used to take months. With AI assistance, these development cycles can be drastically reduced, potentially going from six months to six weeks. This faster turnaround time could lead to an overall 30% increase in development efficiency within the next five years.

AI-Driven Growth: Bigger Player Base and Deeper Engagement

Beyond development efficiency, Wilson believes generative AI has the potential to personalize and expand the player experience. This could lead to a significant increase in EA’s player base. The company is aiming for a 50% growth in its audience size within five years, bringing it from its current 700 million players to over 1 billion. AI-driven personalization could result in a 10-20% increase in monetization, adds NIXsolutions.

In Wilson’s view, generative AI represents a billion-dollar opportunity for EA to develop deeper, broader, and more personalized games. This growth potential comes on top of the company’s usual business gains. However, it’s important to note that this discussion of AI’s benefits arrived shortly after EA laid off a portion of its workforce.