NIX Solutions: Facebook Dating Uses AI to Check Age

Meta has rolled out a feature to check the age of users of online dating service Facebook Dating using facial recognition technology.

NIX Solutions

The function is intended to confirm that the user has reached the age of 18. The system will ask you to go through a check if it suspects a violation of the platform rules that prohibit access to the service for children and teenagers.

In order to verify age, the user needs to send a copy of their ID or upload a selfie video. The system will analyze facial features for age estimation without identification, says Forklog.

The technology will help prevent children from accessing features designed for adults, the company said. The system is not intended to confirm the real age of adult users, and not specified in the profile.

NIX Solutions ads that the face recognition technology was developed by Yoti. According to it, the accuracy of identifying 13-17-year-olds as persons under the age of 23 is 99.65%.

However, the company acknowledged the shortcomings of the system. According to Yoti’s internal research, the age recognition accuracy of women and people with dark skin tones is “worse”.

Meta also assured that neither the company nor its partner stores user data.