NIXsolutions: Google Confirms Layoffs in Advertising Department

Google’s management has officially acknowledged the reports from late December about the company’s plans to lay off employees. Business Development Director, Philipp Schindler, revealed in an internal memo that the layoffs would impact “several hundred employees” within the advertising sales department, according to Business Insider.


NIX Solutions

Focus on Large Customer Sales Department

The restructuring, set for this month, will primarily target the Large Customer Sales (LCS) advertising department. The company plans to transfer some employees to different roles, while others will leave as their tasks are automated through artificial intelligence. Notably, Schindler’s memo did not explicitly mention the use of AI in this process.

AI Integration in Google Ads

Recent enhancements in Google Ads have witnessed the integration of various generative artificial intelligence features. Notably, a chatbot supporting natural language processing and an automated system generating advertising resources are part of the Performance Max package. These AI-driven features aim to streamline tasks that were previously manually handled by advertisers, significantly improving efficiency, adds NIXsolutions.

Ongoing Wave of Layoffs

This announcement follows a series of layoffs initiated by Google last year, affecting employees in hardware development, Google Assistant, augmented reality systems, Google News, Waze, Waymo, robotics, and human resources departments.