NIX Solutions: Google Developing Bard Advanced

Google is reportedly in the works to launch an enhanced version of its chatbot, Bard, known as Bard Advanced. According to The Verge, this upgraded iteration is exclusively available for users subscribed to the Google One service.

NIX Solutions

Upgraded Features and Model

Bard Advanced is set to operate on the cutting-edge Gemini Ultra language model, a significant upgrade from the standard Gemini Pro model utilized by the current version. One notable addition to Bard Advanced is the promised capacity to design personalized chatbots. However, details regarding its functionality and potential cost for users remain undisclosed.

Enhanced Functionality and Potential Additions

Aside from the customizable chatbot feature, Bard Advanced is expected to incorporate improved prompts for a more efficient user experience. There are speculations about a potential “Gallery” section introduction, aimed at acquainting users with the service’s extensive capabilities.

Google has yet to release any official statements concerning Bard Advanced’s specifics, including its launch date, keeping the timeline for the chatbot’s availability uncertain.

NIX Solutions reminds that preceding this development, Google had unveiled VideoPoet, a service designed to generate videos based on textual inputs.