NIX Solutions: Google’s Bard Enhances User Interaction

Google is developing a new feature for its artificial intelligence chatbot Bard called Memory, designed to improve its interaction with users by giving it some information about them.

NIX Solutions

Personalized Responses with “Memory”

As 9to5Google noted, while Bard previously started each session from scratch, without any details about the user beyond the information provided through Extensions, Bard’s responses will now be more personal based on the user’s history.

User-Controlled Customization

The feature is optional, and users will be able to turn it on or off depending on their preferences. Google describes the new feature this way: “Bard can now remember details during conversations and use them to improve responses.” When running it, the user will be prompted to view “Memory”, and then it will be possible to supplement the content with some details, for example, “I try not to eat meat”, “I have two children”, etc. In the future, Bard will take these details into account in its responses. For example, it could potentially be possible to get recipes for meat-free meals or make travel plans for the whole family, taking into account the number of children, without even specifying this in the requests.

NIX Solutions adds that the user will also be able to set up their own “Memory,” which will be used by the chatbot in conjunction with information received from extensions such as Maps, YouTube, Documents, Gmail, etc., provided that they have given permission to do so agreement.