NIXSolutions: Judge Dismisses DC Lawsuit Against Meta Over Privacy Issues

A U.S. Supreme Court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Metropolitan District of Columbia against Meta. The judge’s decision represents a rare victory for Meta in a series of lawsuits that accuse the company of breaching privacy and mishandling data.


Facebook response to allegations

In the reasoning of Judge Maurice Ross’s decision, he noted that Facebook’s privacy policy is fairly transparent with regard to sharing data with third parties. The judge pointed out that the company provided users with instructions and restrictions regarding the transfer of their personal data. It also noted that Facebook took adequate steps to investigate the incident with Cambridge Analytica and informed users about what happened.

Context of the claim

The lawsuit was filed in 2018 by Carl Racine, then D.C. Attorney General. The basis for filing a lawsuit was the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which, without the consent of users, obtained their personal data, including residents of the District of Columbia.

The US Supreme Court judge’s ruling is a rare victory for Meta in a legal battle over allegations of breach of confidentiality and improper data transfer, concludes NIXSolutions. The judge stressed that Facebook’s privacy policy is transparent and that the company has taken appropriate steps in response to the Cambridge Analytica incident.