NIXSolutions: Microsoft Enhances SwiftKey Keyboard with AI

Microsoft has expanded its AI-driven capabilities across its ecosystem, including Windows 11, Edge, and Bing. Now, the tech giant is turning its attention to the mobile segment by introducing significant enhancements to the SwiftKey keyboard application for iOS and Android.

AI-Powered Features for SwiftKey

SwiftKey, known for its ability to adapt to users’ writing styles and provide suggestions for faster typing, now boasts a comprehensive set of AI-driven functionalities. These include:


  1. AI Camera: SwiftKey integrates an AI camera feature, allowing users to enhance their photos with intelligent filters and effects.
  2. AI Stickers: Users can access a wide range of AI-generated stickers to personalize their messages and express themselves creatively.
  3. AI Editor: SwiftKey’s AI-powered editor assists users in improving their spelling and punctuation skills by providing real-time feedback and suggestions.
  4. Image Generation with DALL-E AI: Users can generate images based on text descriptions using the powerful DALL-E AI, adding a unique visual dimension to their communication.
Customization with Snapchat Integration

Microsoft has collaborated with Snapchat to provide SwiftKey users with extensive customization options. Users can now customize their photos, GIFs, and videos using over 250 additional tools and filters, allowing for full self-expression and creativity.

Bing Image Creator Integration

SwiftKey leverages the AI platform Bing Image Creator to enable users to generate stickers based on recent selfies or previously taken pictures. These personalized stickers can be easily shared in various instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, enriching the messaging experience, notes NIXSolutions.

SwiftKey’s enhanced features offer users a more intelligent and expressive way to communicate, making it a valuable addition to the mobile ecosystem.