NIX Solutions: Microsoft Announced Windows Copilot

Microsoft plans to introduce Windows Copilot, a new AI assistant that enhances the Windows 11 operating system. Unlike its predecessor, Cortana, Copilot has the potential to be widely accepted by users due to its functionality.

NIX Solutions

User assistance centralization

With the premiere of Windows Copilot, Windows 11 will be the first PC platform to offer centralized AI assistance for users. By collaborating with the Bing AI Bot and various plugins, users will be able to bring their ideas to life and complete complex projects without having to switch between applications.

Expanding the functionality of Windows 11

Windows Copilot, hosted in the sidebar of Windows 11, will be a full-fledged AI assistant available in all applications, regardless of the user’s busyness. Unlike Cortana, which was limited to app functions, Copilot will support users in finding inspiration, planning, communicating, and creating.

AI support in the Microsoft marketplace

Microsoft plans to bring AI support to the marketplace, allowing AI algorithms to be used for a variety of purposes, including keyword generation, user review summaries, and other features, notes NIX Solutions. The company also collaborates with ChatGPT developers and is working on plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot, including partners such as Atlassian, Adobe, ServiceNow and Thomson Reuters.

Big Expectations at the Build Conference

At the upcoming Build for Developers conference, Microsoft promises to introduce more than 50 plug-ins that extend the functionality of Windows Copilot, and continues to work on the development of hundreds of other plug-ins developed both internally and by third-party developers. This creates new perspectives for improving the Windows 11 user experience and empowering artificial intelligence.