NIX Solutions: Midjourney Shifts Image Generation To Its Website

Midjourney bids adieu to Discord for image generation, now available on their dedicated site, heralding good news for those averse to Discord’s image creation process.

However, this shift comes with a caveat: the feature is exclusively accessible to paying users who’ve generated over 10,000 images, according to David Holtz, the creator of Midjourney.

NIX Solutions

Image Creation on the Midjourney Website

The recent launch of the image-enabled site in November 2023 garnered excitement for its speed and enhanced aesthetics compared to its predecessor.

Users granted access to the image generator will notice the “alpha” label beside the “MJ” logo. Upon inputting a prompt, a menu emerges, allowing control over various image settings:

  1. Image Attributes: Choose portrait, square, or landscape.
  2. Aesthetics Customization: Adjust stylization and variability.
  3. Model Options: Modify the image model and its version.
  4. Additional Controls: Alter generation speed and stealth.

Similar to Discord, a preview of the image creation process is displayed. The generation speed mirrors Discord’s, and after completion, four image previews emerge. Each image can be expanded, offering editing controls like Reroll and Upscale.

Despite these features, the inpainting function for selective image editing, present in Discord, is absent from the current interface.

Transitioning and Accessibility

Adapting to the new AI image-making site might feel unfamiliar initially for Discord users. Nevertheless, this move broadens Midjourney’s audience, despite potential initial hurdles for avid Discord users.

Checking Generated Image Count

To track the number of images generated, navigate to the Midjourney chatbot and input the /info keyword. The “Lifetime Usage” section displays the total count.

Future Accessibility and Prospects

While an exact release date remains unspecified, Holtz intends to expand access in the forthcoming month, notes NIX Solutions. The limited current access aims to resolve bugs and ensure functionality stability.

Midjourney’s shift to a dedicated site signifies significant progress, offering a more user-friendly interface and dedicated editing tools. However, the absence of certain functions, like inpainting, may initially disappoint users accustomed to Discord’s capabilities.