NIX Solutions: Nature Refuses to Publish Images Created with AI

Restriction in the use of generative AI

Nature, an influential scientific journal, has decided to stop publishing images and videos created with generative AI in the near future. This decision was made after lengthy discussions and consultations related to the ethical aspects of the use of such technologies.


Ethical Principles and Transparency Issues

One of the reasons why Nature refuses to use generative AI is the inconsistency of this technology with the ethical principles of the journal. The lack of transparency and the ability to verify the sources of data and images creates serious ethical problems.

Difficulties in determining copyright

Nature also notes that determining copyright is another challenge when using generative AI. Synthesizing images based on millions of data from a database makes it difficult to find the original creator and violates the principles of authorship.

Exception for text content generated by tools like ChatGPT

Despite limitations in using generative AI to create images, Nature continues to allow the publication of text-based content created by tools such as ChatGPT, notes NIX Solutions. However, the authorship of such instruments is not indicated.