NIXSolutions: Neural Network To Help Release New Song by John Lennon

Paul McCartney, one of the members of the legendary band The Beatles, announced the release of a previously unreleased song by John Lennon. A demo of the track was created in the late 70s, but thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, it was possible to bring it to mind.


The neural network restores the demo recording:

Filmmaker Peter Jackson, best known for his work on the documentary The Beatles: Get Back, used a neural network to extract a clean vocal from Lennon’s 1978 demo of “Get Back”. Paul McCartney received this demo tape from the singer’s widow Oko Ono in 1994.

Lennon acapella at McCartney concerts:

McCartney had previously used Lennon’s acapella, extracted by a neural network from the “Get Back” demo. At several concerts, he performed this song in a duet with a singer who was killed in 1980.

The Beatles: legend and solo career:

The Beatles got together in the early 1960s, released several albums and many singles, conquered the whole world and won millions of fans. However, ten years later, the group broke up, and each of the four members began solo careers. Paul McCartney continues to release albums and give concerts to this day.

Through the use of artificial intelligence and a neural network, Paul McCartney is set to release a previously unreleased John Lennon song, concludes NIXSolutions. This delightful restoration of the demo will allow fans of The Beatles to enjoy new material from the legendary band.