NIXsolutions: Nothing CEO Announces AI-Driven Future for Smartphones

Nothing CEO Carl Pei recently posted a video making two significant announcements: smartphones are the AI gadgets of the future, and artificial intelligence could revolutionize how we use these devices. “People love their phones!” Pei exclaims in the video, but he points out that the user experience hasn’t fundamentally changed for a long time. While devices have become faster, prettier, and simpler, the core experience remains the same. However, Pei believes this will soon change with the integration of AI.


Upcoming Phone 3 and AI Integration

Pei briefly mentions the long-rumored Phone 3, which is expected to launch soon if Nothing sticks to its typical July release schedule. According to Pei, Phone 3 will be the company’s first device to feature true artificial intelligence, marking a significant step forward for the company. We’ll keep you updated on its launch and features as more information becomes available.

In the video, the Nothing team showcases several demos. One demo is a personalized voice assistant built into the operating system, reminiscent of OpenAI’s GPT-4 demo. This voice assistant is part of what many believe the future of smartphones will look like. Another demo presents a dynamic home screen that combines an app launcher with a news feed, automatically displaying QR codes for upcoming events, pulling relevant content from the web, and showing reminders and weather updates. The aim is to shift from an app-centric model to a system that intuitively knows what users need and when they need it.

Bridging Current and Future Technology

Pei emphasizes that these prototypes are still in development and that transitioning to such innovative features will take time. He notes, “You can’t just release a new product and say, ‘Here, there are no more apps, are you going to buy it?’ Of course, no one will buy it.” Nothing’s mission is to build a bridge from current systems to next-gen technology. Pei compares Nothing to Nintendo, stating that their goal is not to compete solely on technology but to create fun and good products.

Nothing has been exploring artificial intelligence for some time. It integrated ChatGPT into its recently released Ear headphones, and Pei had previously discussed moving beyond traditional apps. “We feel like apps have gained too much power,” he said last year, “and with Phone 2, we tried to give users more control.” Initially, this involved redesigning the interface and enhancing notification controls, but the focus has now shifted entirely to AI, notes NIXsolutions. Pei envisions a future where users can simply tell their phones what they need, and the devices will perform tasks using apps without displaying them in the foreground.

Pei has always maintained that Nothing began with headphones and smartphones because these are the most widely used gadgets. He believes that the large-screen-and-camera computing device will remain dominant for a long time. While making phones is a competitive business, it offers a safer entry point into the market. Pei hinted last year that the “next big thing” was on the horizon, and it appears that it might be a reimagined version of the devices we already have, just enhanced with AI capabilities.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments from Nothing as they continue to innovate in the smartphone industry.