NIXSolutions: NVIDIA Collaborates with Hugging Face to Simplify AI Model Creation

Chip manufacturer NVIDIA has unveiled a strategic collaboration at SIGGRAPH 2023 with the emerging AI startup, Hugging Face. This alliance aims to bolster the creation of custom generative AI models for enterprise customers. A focal point of this partnership is the launch of the innovative Hugging Face service called Training Cluster as a Service, which will seamlessly integrate with NVIDIA’s DGX Cloud infrastructure.


Empowering AI Development with Training Cluster as a Service

Scheduled for a rollout in the forthcoming months, Training Cluster as a Service is set to revolutionize the AI landscape. It will harness the prowess of DGX Cloud, NVIDIA’s  cloud-based AI supercomputer. This groundbreaking service will furnish enterprises with the capability to effortlessly design and configure tailored generative AI models through a single click.

Unveiling DGX Cloud’s Comprehensive Capabilities

DGX Cloud introduces a range of comprehensive features, offering access to instances equipped with eight NVIDIA H100 or A100 accelerators, backed by 640 GB of memory. NVIDIA AI Enterprise software further empowers developers to create sophisticated AI applications and large language models (LLMs). Expert consultations with NVIDIA professionals enrich the development journey.

NVIDIA AI Workbench: Streamlining Model Development

In addition, developers gain access to the new NVIDIA AI Workbench, a dynamic tool enabling rapid construction, testing, and fine-tuning of pre-trained Generative AI and LLM models. This resource amplifies efficiency and innovation in the AI development process.

Enhancing AI Projects with Training Cluster as a Service

Enterprises seeking an edge in AI innovation can opt for Training Cluster as a Service, combining the robust DGX cloud infrastructure with Hugging Face’s expansive platform. With a repository of over 250,000 models and 50,000 datasets, the platform provides invaluable resources for diverse AI projects. Hugging Face CEO Clément Delangue notes that more than 15,000 companies already leverage their platform.

NVIDIA’s collaboration with Hugging Face marks a significant leap forward in democratizing AI model development, concludes NIXSolutions. Through Training Cluster as a Service, the convergence of cutting-edge hardware and comprehensive platforms promises to catalyze innovation across industries.