NIX Solutions: NVIDIA Intends to Create an AI Supercomputer

NVIDIA is showing increased interest in neural networks and artificial intelligence. Recently, it became known that the developer of graphics processors NVIDIA, armed with the support of the company Atos Team, plans to create the world’s fastest supercomputer with artificial intelligence. This is reported by Ferra.

According to the idea, the product of development of NVIDIA and Atos Team will be called Leonardo, it will be created for usage of the non-profit consortium Cineca. It is noted that the accelerated computing platform will allow FP16 artificial intelligence to deliver performance at the level of 10 exaflops. The supercomputer itself will be based on 14,000 Ampere GPUs and an NVIDIA Mellanox HDR network that provides 200 Gbps throughput.

NIX Solutions reported that the supercomputer will be created to develop drugs. So, with the help of it, it will be possible to identify proteins for the effect on them with certain drugs. Among other things, the development is intended for space exploration, as well as climate prediction.