NIX Solutions: ChatGPT Now Got a Body

The American startup Figure has unveiled a significant advancement in its collaboration with OpenAI to enhance humanoid robot capabilities. In a newly released video, Figure 01 engages in real-time dialogue with a person, showcasing its ability to answer questions and carry out commands.

Rapid Progression and Ambitious Goals

The Figure 01 project, spearheaded by businessman and startup founder Brett Adcock, has made remarkable strides since its inception. Just a year ago, Figure attracted attention from major players in robotics and AI, setting the ambitious goal of creating the world’s first commercially available general-purpose humanoid robot. By October of the same year, Figure 01 demonstrated basic autonomous tasks, and by the end of 2023, it gained the ability to learn various tasks. Signing its first commercial contract with BMW’s North Carolina automobile plant in mid-January marked a significant milestone for the project, notes NIX Solutions.

Collaboration with OpenAI and Future Prospects

In a recent development, Figure announced a collaboration with OpenAI to develop a new generation of AI models for humanoid robots, alongside the unveiling of Figure 01’s second generation. The integration of OpenAI’s algorithms enables the robot to understand human speech, while Figure’s neural networks facilitate fast, low-level, and dexterous actions. According to Adcock, the demonstration video showcased Figure 01 operating at real speed without remote control. With a goal to empower AI models to control humanoid robots at an unprecedented scale, Figure’s rapid pace of development promises exciting prospects for the future.

As Figure continues to push boundaries in humanoid robot development, we’ll keep you updated on the latest advancements and breakthroughs. Stay tuned for more remarkable achievements in the realm of robotics and artificial intelligence.