NIXSolutions: OPPO Unveils AndesGPT AI Model & Satellite Communication for Find X7 Series

OPPO recently revealed groundbreaking innovations set to debut with the Find X7 series smartphones. Among these, the AndesGPT AI model stands out, available in variants featuring 180, 70, and 7 billion parameters. The 7-billion-parameter version, a compact iteration, will premiere in OPPO’s upcoming flagship devices.

AndesGPT AI Model: Enhancing AI Capabilities

OPPO’s Find X7 smartphones will leverage the AndesGPT neural network, boasting 7 billion parameters. This AI promises a transformative leap in capabilities, integrating features like 4-bit model compression, Al Boost AI trigger engine optimization, and collaborative deep model optimization with chip manufacturers.

NIX Solutions

Swift and Powerful Performance

AndesGPT showcases its prowess in real-world scenarios, delivering rapid responses. OPPO claims it takes just 0.2 seconds to generate the initial 200-word summary, outpacing competitors by 20 times. Additionally, for a 2000-word summary, it achieves a remarkable response time of 2.9 seconds, surpassing industry standards by 2.5 times. Its capacity to generate abstracts up to 14,000 words exceeds competitors’ modeling capabilities by 3.5 times.

Multifaceted Applications

Highlighted for its “improved intelligent understanding,” AndesGPT shines in call summarization, efficiently extracting key points and actionable elements. While acknowledging its superiority over many counterparts, OPPO positions its neural network slightly below OpenAI’s GPT-4, notes NIXSolutions.

Diverse Capabilities Beyond Text

AndesGPT extends its functionalities to image generation, excelling in producing large, natural images with swift 6-second intervals, 60% faster than competing models.

In addition to these AI advancements, the Find X7 series introduces cutting-edge satellite communication technology. Utilizing a variable beam antenna, users can effortlessly make satellite calls in a traditional manner without worrying about device positioning.