NIX Solutions: New Google AI Learned to Improve Night Photos

As part of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference, experts from Google Research demonstrated the work of the RawNeRF neural network, which can improve the quality of night images in an amazing way. Moreover, it allows you to literally “revive” photos.

NIX Solutions

Google employees clarify that RawNeRF not only eliminates noise and improves the overall quality of a picture taken in poor lighting conditions. This neural network is capable of much more: it can create a three-dimensional scene from two-dimensional images taken from different viewpoints. The user can also literally move the camera position to view the scene from different angles and even peek around the corner of a building, for example. Moreover, it is possible to change the focus point, concentrating on any object in the scene. At the same time, the blur effect looks extremely realistic.

RawNeRF not only removes noise, but also restores colors and improves sharpness, says 4PDA. It comes to the point that completely unreadable text on the original image becomes quite distinguishable.

The prospects for this development and for what purposes Google intends to use it are not yet clear, notes NIX Solutions. It is possible that someday such a function will appear in Pixel smartphones.