NIX Solutions: The Future of AI – Insights from Google DeepMind

Many AI companies claim achievements in developing large language models, but according to Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, their IQ level leaves much to be desired. “We haven’t even reached cat intelligence as a general system yet,” he said, answering a question about DeepMind’s progress in developing strong artificial intelligence (Artificial General Intelligence, AGI), writes Tom’s Hardware.


During a public discussion with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the Future of Britain 2024 conference, Hassabis emphasized that his team’s work is not just focused on AI but on AGI. While AI models can write, draw, and create music just like humans, the average pet has much more advanced intelligence. “We are far from human-level intelligence across the board at this point,” Hassabis noted. “But in some areas, like gaming, AI is better than the best in the world.”

The Potential of AI

Despite the current limitations, the head of DeepMind sees enormous potential in AI, which he believes will drive scientific discoveries in energy, materials science, healthcare, climate change, and mathematics. Hassabis highlighted a DeepMind project called Project Astra, aiming to create a universal multimodal AI assistant. This assistant, projected to be more powerful than ChatGPT and Google Gemini, is envisioned to be highly useful in everyday life, notes NIX Solutions.

Hassabis also mentioned that achieving human-level IQ in AI requires significant technological innovation and enormous computing resources. We’ll keep you updated on these advancements as they unfold.