NIX Solutions: Apple CEO Tim Cook on Augmented Reality and the Metaverse

The CEO of Apple shared his opinion about the metaverse. In his opinion, the main problem lies in the understanding of the technology by the audience.

NIX Solutions

According to Cook, the problem is that not everyone understands in principle what it is. “I think it’s important that people understand the essence of this concept. That being said, I’m really not sure that the average person can explain to you what the metaverse is,” he said.

Cook praised the development of the sphere, but urged not to spend too much time in the metaverse. The Apple CEO believes that VR can be used to greater advantage, but the technology is not suitable for full-fledged communication. Devby noted that Cook is not against virtual reality, but you do not need to “live your life” in it.

The head of Apple also commented on the development of AR technologies, adds NIX Solutions. He said that now the company has made some progress in this direction, but the technology can develop much more. “Imagine being able to teach classes using AR or use technology in medicine. As I said, in the future we will remember the past and think about how we lived without augmented reality,” he added.