NIXSOLUTIONS: UK Data Protection Authority Issues Notice to Snap

The UK Data Protection Authority has issued Snapchat’s company Snap with a preliminary enforcement notice against the app’s artificial intelligence chatbot, reports Bloomberg.

NIX Solutions

Privacy Risks Assessment

Snap, according to the department, is potentially unable to properly assess the privacy risks associated with the My AI chatbot running on Snapchat. If the commissioner releases the final version of the document, the platform may be forced to stop processing data associated with the chatbot. Data Protection Commissioner John Edwards expressed concern, stating, “The preliminary findings of our investigation highlight Snap’s alarming failure to adequately identify and assess privacy risks to children and other users before launching My AI.”

Snap’s Response

Snap responded by committing to a detailed examination of the department’s decision, emphasizing their dedication to protecting user privacy, notes NIXSOLUTIONS. A company spokesperson stated, “My AI has undergone extensive legal and privacy review before being made available to the public.” The My AI chatbot, which bills itself as “Snapchat’s virtual friend,” has helped the platform diversify its revenue stream into paid subscriptions, launching for premium subscribers in the UK in February and becoming available to everyone in April. The chatbot is based on OpenAI ChatGPT technology.