NIX Solutions: xAI Gets Integrated into Social Network X

Well-known entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed his ambitious plans to incorporate artificial intelligence technology developed by his startup, xAI, into the popular social networking platform X. Additionally, the company intends to launch a stand-alone application providing separate access to this AI.

NIX Solutions

Elon Musk’s Grok Chatbot Already in Use

The billionaire entrepreneur had previously announced that xAI would introduce its first AI model, the Grok chatbot, to a select group of users on a specific date. However, Reuters reported that the AI chatbot became accessible to X Premium Plus subscribers as early as the previous week.

xAI: A Musk-Founded Venture for Understanding the Universe

Established by Elon Musk in July of this year, the startup xAI was created with the primary aim of advancing AI technologies and aiding in a deeper understanding of the true nature of the universe. Grok, the AI chatbot, is positioned to compete with well-established chatbots such as Google’s Bard, based on PaLM 2, and Microsoft’s Bing AI.

Grok Chatbot’s Real-Time Access and Unique Characteristics

Musk highlighted that Grok enjoys real-time access to information on Platform X, providing it with a significant advantage over other AI models. He emphasized that Grok is designed with a love for sarcasm, and its responses are humor-based, not addressing questions of a sensitive nature.

Although the startup xAI and the social network X maintain separate structures, they collaborated closely, notes NIX Solutions. The xAI team also engages in collaborations with Elon Musk’s electric vehicle manufacturing company, Tesla, and other enterprises.