NIX Solutions: Adobe’s Res-Up Technology Unveiled

At Adobe Max event, the groundbreaking Res-Up technology was showcased, elevating the quality of animated GIFs and low-res videos through AI-driven image enlargement. Though not yet available to the public, its potential is remarkable.

NIX Solutions

Enhancing Image Quality

Adobe’s Res-Up technology employs generative AI, specifically diffusion, to enhance image sharpness and detail. For instance, a fragment from the 1947 film “The Red House” saw its resolution increase from 480 × 360 pixels to 1280 × 960 pixels. AI not only removed blur but also added new details like hair strands and highlights. While the result may appear slightly artificial, it marks a notable improvement over Microsoft’s Video Super Resolution technology.

Natural Enhancements

In another instance, a video segment featuring a baby elephant was significantly improved, with the algorithm rendering a more natural look by adding details such as wrinkles that moved organically with the animal. While Res-Up is not yet publicly available, there’s potential for future integration into Adobe Premiere Pro and Express programs, notes NIX Solutions.