NIXSOLUTIONS: Adobe Max Unveils Firefly Image 2, Firefly Vector, and Firefly Design AI Models

At the Adobe Max event, Firefly Image 2, an updated version of the image generator in Photoshop, was introduced. It has learned to create higher-quality images, and generative AI models have made their debut in Adobe Illustrator and the Adobe Express cloud platform.

NIX Solutions

Firefly Image 2: Enhanced Image Quality

Firefly Image 2 excels in producing higher-quality images compared to its predecessor. It particularly shines in fine details such as foliage, skin texture, hair, hands, and facial features, rendering photorealistic images. The images created with Firefly Image 2 boast higher resolution, more vibrant colors, and increased contrast. The model offers advanced AI-based image editing capabilities, allowing you to manually or automatically adjust the depth of field, motion blur, and even the field of view, as if you were personally controlling the camera.

Generative Match Function and Metadata

The Generative Match function enables you to stylize the AI-generated image to match a provided sample, whether from preset sets or user-uploaded files. The degree of similarity can be adjusted using a slider. All AI-generated images come with appropriate metadata tags to prevent misuse. Users are required to agree to the tool’s terms of use when uploading their images, confirming their rights to work with the sample. A thumbnail of the image is stored on Adobe servers for reference and is not used for AI training. Firefly Image 2 is currently available as a standalone model online and will be integrated into Creative Cloud apps in the near future.

Firefly Vector: AI for Vector Graphics

Firefly Vector, Adobe’s proprietary AI model, is making its debut in Adobe Illustrator. It’s proclaimed as “the world’s first generative artificial intelligence model for vector graphics.” It can create vector images from text descriptions, breaking them down into logical layers. Firefly Vector, once out of beta testing, will be available for commercial use, as it was trained on licensed content, including Adobe Stock and materials considered out of copyright. The beta version of Adobe Illustrator already incorporates the Firefly Vector generator and additional functions like “Retype,” a 3D model generator, and “Retype,” a vector font editor, notes NIXSOLUTIONS.

Firefly Design: Creativity with Text Descriptions

Adobe Express platform has also embraced its own generative model, Firefly Design. Users can now generate various design templates based on text descriptions.

Adobe proudly announced that the original Firefly generator had already been used to create 3 billion images, and the second version was unveiled before the first one-year anniversary.