NIXSolutions: Nike to Open a Store in Its Metaverse

Nike’s own metaverse appeared last year. Using online multiplayer platform Roblox, the brand modeled Nikeland on a real-life headquarters template. Various interactive platforms were also located there, where gamers were allowed to organize competitions in the proposed games and create their own. In addition, users could select avatars and dress them up in digital Nike branded apparel and shoes. All of this was free, but now the company has expressed a desire to further explore the functions of the virtual world and open the first store there.


Bloomberg reports that the brand plans to invest a lot of money and time to develop in the metaverse. Entertainment in Roblox is, of course, great, but the business needs to grow. Therefore, Nike is preparing to launch a separate .Swoosh platform, where the company’s clothing, sneakers and accessories will come. The implementation of the idea has not yet been completed, as the project is at the beta testing stage, says SRSLY. However, registration for those who can’t wait to become the first researcher of the experimental online platform was open on November 18th. Users will be allowed to purchase virtual goods, and in order to receive physical items, it will be necessary to unlock several of them at once.

In the future, digital clothes will be able to be transferred to video games, and even objects from the metaverse will provide access to various offline events. Athletes who have contracts with Nike will also have special privileges. They will receive personal sections on the site, but Bloomberg clarifies that not everyone will be lucky. But the brand intends to hold competitions among designers and discover new names. Items from the winners of the qualifying stages will be displayed in a virtual store, and experts will receive royalties for their creations.

NIXSolutions adds that Nike is going to teach how to use its platform on its own. But the company will not be limited to text instructions or short videos. Instead, representatives will go on a six-city tour to explain to clients the meaning of the metaverse and how it works. Experts will talk about the concept of the Internet of the future and blockchain technology, but it is still unknown in what format such meetings will take place. The release of the first original digital collection is scheduled for January 2023, so Nike will probably share more information by then.