NIX Solutions’ Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on everyone’s mind. While some people fear it, others try to make the most of it. And should we say that the latter have met with some success. AI gets into almost every sphere you can imagine – starting from finances, industry and medicine to recruiting, entertainment and our daily routine.


And if it is possible to say that AI is only exploring the big amount of various spheres, in the field of IT Artificial Intelligence has a strong foothold. As many other companies, NIX Solutions utilizes AI in our products creation to refine the automated operations, customer services and much more.

Here are some examples of AI implementation:

  • The use of AI makes it possible automate answers to the frequently asked questions. It is important for users to get an answer right now – which is what a bot can do, ready to answer a question regardless of what time it is and how many employees are currently at the office.

  • There are many ways to use AI in programming, of course. In fact, the development of programming itself provided developers with the opportunity to gradually switch to more advanced means of writing code. A programmer’s work, according to the findings of Oxford scientists, can be “replaced” by Artificial Intelligence by 48%. AI is widely used during NIX Solutions’ products development.
  • Using search robots on a resource allows to optimize the indexing of the site in the search system and helps to avoid server failures when the traffic limit is exceeded.