NIX Solutions informs: AI Needs to Sleep for Greater Efficiency

A recent scientists’ study showed that artificial intelligence needs a “sleep” for greater efficiency just like humans.
Interestingly, we are talking about something like a dream, when the neural network is affected by especially slow signals, similar to those that are observed in a sleeping brain. That is, an ordinary shutdown of the AI ​​will not be able to show the same efficiency of its work in the future.

NIX Solutions notes that as part of a new study, scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory found that neurons become less stable as a result of fairly long work. The development of a dictionary was chosen as a test activity for artificial intelligence, as a result of which the neural network “overstrained” from the process of identifying similarities between objects. And just a kind of “dream”, that is, a slower effect on him, helped him to improve his efficiency in the future.