NIX Solutions reports: AI Helps Photoshop Recognize Fine Details in Photos

Adobe has made a major update to its Creative Cloud suite of applications, expanding AI-powered capabilities, reports NIX Solutions‘ team. In particular, the Smart Subject function has been improved, which automatically highlights the main subject in the picture. Previously, it was often unable to cope with the selection of small details, such as the ends of the hair, but now the situation is much better.

Another innovation in Photoshopis that the application automatically recognizes the font of the text in the images and loads it, allowing you to add the inscription in the same font, says OSP. An Adobe Capture mobile application analogue plug-in has appeared which allows to convert photos to color themes, shapes, brushes, etc.

In addition, the complex of educational materials explaining the use of innovations (videos, lessons, etc.) has been significantly expanded. The tooltip in the applications themselves has been supplemented. For example, in Lightroom, the Share Edits function has appeared, with the help of which you can visually demonstrate all the stages of photo retouching from loading a RAW image to obtaining the final result.