NIX Solutions news: AI Will Be Blocking Content on Youtube

Previously, the algorithm selected potentially dangerous content and passed it to reviewers for evaluation. But with the quarantine regime YouTube decided that there is no need for employees to come to the office, Engadget reports.

That is why the company allows its automated system to delete some content, even if it has not been verified by a person.

The YouTube administration acknowledges that this could lead to an increase in the number of the removed videos, as videos that do not violate the rules will be also censored. Therefore, YouTube will allow all users to appeal the videos removal during the period, specifies NIX Solutions‘ team.

“We understand that this can interfere with users and authors, but we know that this is right both for people who work on YouTube’s security and the wider public. We value everyone’s patience as we take these steps in such a difficult time,” they say on YouTube.