NIX Solutions informs: How AI Affects Photography

In 2025, artificial intelligence could become an $ 60 billion industry, and AI-based products could bring $2.9 trillion to companies in a year. And this is not surprising, given that AI technologies have long become an integral part of our lives. We constantly use them just chatting with friends online, using search engines and shopping in online stores.

AI changes the photo

Today, AI is changing the very essence of photography. Just imagine that you can get a photo without a camera at all. This is already possible thanks to the development of Microsoft’s Drawing Bot. In order to create an image, the program needs a general description. It can draw anything from scratch, pixel by pixel – from landscape to absolutely surrealistic paintings. In addition, each image contains details that were not in the description. This proves that AI does not just perform the task, but also shows its own imagination.

According to Sostav, at the heart of this technology are two models of machine learning. One creates images from text descriptions, and the other uses them to evaluate the authenticity of the generated pictures. In simple words, the first tries to create fake images, and the second does not want to be deceived. That is why both are constantly improving. The result is the pictures so realistic that they are easy to confuse with photos.

Your successful photos are AI’s merit

The cameras development is moving towards ever greater automation. Primarily it concerns the cameras of smartphones. Apple used portrait-based machine learning techniques for the iPhone. The bottom line is that one camera recognizes people, and the second selects an object blurring the background, resulting in deep and expressive shots. Although the technology of recognizing people using machine learning was not new, ordinary consumers first had the opportunity to apply it in everyday life using their smartphones.

The latest iPhone models are equipped with a full-fledged AI camera. Before the user presses the button to take a photo, it takes eight frames. After that, the camera compares the results and combines the best pixels of each of them into an optimal image. Apple called this innovative neural network feature Deep fusion. It has been used in photography for the first time.

AI creates a new reality

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to literally create a new reality. Nvidia devoted a whole study to this, during which it received incredibly realistic photos of fake celebrities. And although the idea is not new, these pictures have become the most convincing and detailed ever taken.

Modern technology allows you to create not just new faces, but also personalities. Lil Mikela is a 19-year-old Los Angeles-based singer and the most famous AI influencer with over 1.9 million Instagram followers. She is the creation of Brud, a company that specializes in robotics and AI.

Mikela posts photos of her images, shows how she spends time with friends, and shares inspirational phrases on her Instagram profile. Moreover, the engagement rate for her publications is the same as for real influencers. This is another example of how AI erases the line between real and virtual.

Artificial intelligence transfers photography to the digital world, turning it into a computational process, allows you to get pictures of incredible quality, do post-processing in just one click and create virtual characters that are easy to take for real people. Like no one else, at NIX Solutions we know that AI technology will help make what yesterday was science fiction a reality in the future.