NIX Solutions: New Adobe AI Determines Texts and Images Customers Will Like

Adobe has introduced a new tool that allows you to select the illustrations and texts that your client will like the most, reports HighTech. The company is confident that this can increase sales several times.

Adobe has unveiled a new set of AI tools to help drive more effective marketing campaigns. The company will integrate these technologies into its applications.

The researchers point out that AI will help decide which of the thousands of images and texts potential customers might like best. Adobe claims they were the first to use the tool and helped them increase their share price by 50% in 2020. The technology can scan and label thousands of product images for color and shape, or use natural language processing technology to read an article to determine its quality and appeal.

This will empower marketing companies to create a more engaging product catalog, or a news website that offers stories that the reader likes.

NIX Solutions notes that this AI technology has been around for several years, but its use usually requires exporting from their systems and working with other programs, and this can greatly slow down the work. Adobe has put technology directly inside marketing systems, so no data export is needed.

“This tool is ideal for companies that want to be flexible and work in real time,” said the engineers.