NIX Solutions: Effective Advertising by Google with Artificial Intelligence

The effectiveness of search engine marketing is the key to the success of any company. How to reach the maximum audience in a minimum time? A painful question for all marketers, and NIX Solutions will give the answers needed. The main thing is how to offer your product unobtrusively and preferably as often as possible. Two years ago, Google proposed a fairly attractive way of advertising Discovery Ads. The main decision there is taken by artificial intelligence. The basis was taken by the technology “Custom Intent”. It analyzes the activity of a particular user and then offers them a particular product or service.

How Google Discovery Ads Work

 The Google space reaches an audience of nearly 3 billion people. People from all over the world use different channels to prioritize and solve certain tasks.  Some people watch YouTube videos with interest, while others look for answers to their questions in the Google Discover feed. In any case, information on queries, location on the map, and other user activities are analyzed constantly. Google applies its algorithms to study each person’s preferences individually.

NIX Solutions

As a result, a special program selects to show their ads, only the most interested people in a particular proposal. Google guarantees a high degree of relevance and an attractive form of presentation. Interesting combinations of the best headlines, images, and branded logos. Every client can choose the best type of ad for their business. Many have already evaluated the effectiveness of Google Discovery Ads’ new quality format and felt a greater interest from the audience.

What Makes Discovery Ads Special?

Today, standard ads don’t generate much interest. Compared to the visual aspect of Discovery Ads, which allows you to really interest a potential customer and show any product or service from the most advantageous side. This is especially suitable for goods of daily demand. For example clothes, shoes, or household appliances. But also, the format is good for the B2B segment, the sale of any software or real estate.

A further advantageous difference is the ability to view Google’s news recommendations on mobile devices. Every smartphone user can pay attention to the information of interest, which is displayed on the familiar interface of Gmail. Perhaps they will see something that was not of particular interest before. But thanks to the excellent work of artificial intelligence, a person can discover a new product. This is influenced by an in-depth analysis of the sites the person visits, YouTube behavior, downloaded apps, and map searches. In doing so, the new, proposed product is more likely to hit the user’s needs clearly.

Undisputed Benefits

In addition to the fact that Discovery Ads is optimized for mobile devices and is targeted at the audience of the contextual media network at relatively low prices, the tool has other advantages.

  •       The ability to convert audiences who are not currently thinking about buying. You can introduce new customers to your products before your competitors do. If they are limited to contextual advertising search campaigns
  •       A more attractive ad format. More placements. Everyone is watching email, and YouTube’s audience has become much more active during known restrictions.
  •       Lower conversion price compared to social media advertising. A relatively inexpensive way to attract new audiences than through search campaigns.

Discovery campaigns are easy to test the latest techniques, thanks to the presence of artificial intelligence with its ability to learn. Plus, it’s easier for advertisers to control their daily budget, campaign goals, and various settings for specific audiences.

The Advertiser Must Consider Certain Factors

To properly set up an advertising campaign, certain conditions must be met. The clarity of the presentation is necessary. For the campaign to be more effective, you need to choose high-quality motivational images and good calls to action. You will have a limit on the number of symbols to convey the value of your product/service. The text should be specific, clear, and catchy. A person does not need to solve a puzzle. Otherwise, you might miss out on a potential customer.

It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for the use of images. Take into account the technical peculiarities when working with the selected format. It can be a single image or Discovery Carousel. You can upload from 2 to 10 images that will be used as cards in the carousel, and Google will display them in the order they are uploaded. Discovery Ads are aimed at different users who are not interested in anything in particular and are open to different offers. With such campaigns, users are offered fresh content that may become interesting in the future. But there are limitations for ads: you can’t choose a strategy with manual bidding, as well as a method, limiting the frequency of display and targeting to devices.

Applying this tool for non-standard advertising, you can always count on a hidden effect. The result of such campaigns is not always obvious. A person may not click on an ad at all, but it will influence the final decision to buy. Discovery Ads can take part in associated conversions, or they can have a delayed effect altogether. So don’t rush to turn off a campaign if you don’t see conversions from it. Of course, there are ways to track how a media ad indirectly influences a user’s decision. But this is a complex and expensive solution. Only big brands use this option.

Let’s Summarize

To begin with, it’s worth noting that people have minimal impact on the management of Discovery Ads. These campaigns are fully automated. Even in the initial tests, the beta versions of the ad campaigns showed excellent results. They were better than the closest media competitor GDN-campaigns. Discovery ads also showed higher conversion rates for the same audiences used in GDN campaigns. The tool is currently out of beta testing.

More competition may be expected, and you are left to make the best decision for your business. Set up the best-targeted ads with Google AI. Set the course for success. Find your customers among the huge number of users of Google services and encourage them to take action. But don’t forget that simply running Discovery Ads campaigns doesn’t guarantee 100% promotion. New performance algorithms are great. But the need to track key campaign performance metrics and properly assess their effectiveness for further optimization remains an important task.