NIX Solutions: AI-Based Review Summaries Added to Microsoft Store

AI-generated review summaries will begin to appear in the Microsoft Store app store. They will show a summary of the reviews in addition to the normal rating up to five stars.

Review summaries appear in the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is rolling out a new feature, a summary of reviews generated by artificial intelligence. Now users will be able to get brief information about applications, in addition to the usual rating.

NIX Solutions

Verification and protection of resumes from abuse raise questions

So far, Microsoft hasn’t said how the information that appears on these resumes will be verified, and how the company intends to protect resumes from abuse, such as unfair attempts to cheat reviews.

Feedback from the developer community will be taken into account during the preview

Asked if the store will have editorial filters in place to ensure that reviews are accurately reflected, Microsoft Store CEO Giorgio Sardo said that for now, “as part of the preview, we’ll be gathering feedback from the developer community” about the feature.

Customers will be able to view individual reviews and ratings

Sardo added that buyers will still be able to view individual app reviews and ratings. This will give users the opportunity to get more detailed information about applications before downloading or purchasing them.

Providing a secure and inclusive environment for users and developers

On whether safeguards exist to keep offensive content out of an AI resume, Sardo reaffirmed the company’s commitment to “creating a safe and inclusive environment” for its customers and developers, and referred everyone to the ratings and reviews policy, which states, that reviews that violate Microsoft standards may be removed after posting.

Creation of AI Hub for use of AI in applications

Microsoft is also building a dedicated AI Hub where the company plans to highlight all the apps that users can download to use AI in one way or another. The company says the hub will be built specifically to guide customers on their “AI journey” by showing them where they can get started or continue with AI-based creativity and productivity tools.

Tools to highlight apps in search results

On the flip side, a new developer tool in the Microsoft Partner Center will allow developers to let AI suggest search tags based on metadata and “other cues” to help an app stand out in search results. However, Sardo did not elaborate on what those signals were, saying that as new features are pushed forward, Microsoft will refine its approach. The company will also add the ability to select multiple categories for each app.

The Microsoft Store is introducing summaries of AI-generated reviews to provide users with a more informed choice of apps, concludes NIX Solutions. However, the issues of verification of information and protection against abuse remain open. The company is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for users and developers, and is also developing an AI Hub and tools to support working with AI in applications.