NIX Solutions: AI Learned to Recognize Sarcasm

Communication between a machine and a person always took place without humor. However, this rule will soon cease to apply. Chinese experts have developed a new technology thanks to which artificial intelligence will learn to recognize sarcasm in the statements of people, reports SecurityLab.

Sarcasm is one of the most difficult forms of human expression, and therefore one of the most difficult systems to learn. Scientists have been able to discover this unique human linguistic trait in oral or written communication.

Experts think this development is interesting for two reasons. First, you can see how artificial intelligence will develop. Secondly, a new stage of its development will allow the use of machines in more complex and varied jobs.

According to experts, the recognition of sarcastic statements will allow artificial intelligence not to get hung up on the algorithms prescribed by the programmer. That is, this is already the path to independent thinking. For example, such an AI will be able to conduct a variety of sociological research, which now does not need to involve people. For this, it will be enough to listen to what people are talking about.

NIX Solutions notes that at the moment, the research uses texts from Twitter. The authors regard their development as extremely promising. It turns out that soon machines will learn to do work that previously could only be done by humans.