NIX Solutions: AI to Ease Divorce in Australia

AI application Amica will simplify divorce in Australia. It will help to fairly divide property and negotiate the upbringing of children, writes VCTR.

Australia has created an AI-based application called Amica. It should help in solving legal problems in family disputes. The app was developed by Australian National Legal Aid.

Amica will help you properly distribute property and negotiate parenting. It will offer several solutions depending on the given circumstances. In other words, the software uses data from similar cases in the past to find the best solution.

Family courts in Australia are overwhelmed following quarantine. Such a solution can improve the situation. Plus, AI can help save up to $200,000 in attorney fees.

It is not the only such app in Australia, notes NIX Solutions. For example, Penda aims to help victims of domestic violence. Its AI-powered chatbot provides legal advice and information. At the same time, the Adieu app helps to make global parenting and financial agreements. If necessary, its chatbot directs couples to intermediaries, consultants and lawyers.