NIX Solutions: AI Can Be Entrusted with the Division of Property in Case of Divorce

In Australia, artificial intelligence may be entrusted with the division of property in a divorce. The country’s government is reported to have developed a new artificial intelligence-powered online service to help former couples form parenting agreements, split assets and register agreements, states Ferra.

It is known that the government has invested about 3 million Australian dollars in the Amica tool, which uses artificial intelligence technology. The development is designed to help couples share property in case of divorce, taking into account the circumstances, types of agreements, as well as decisions that are made by the courts in these matters.

According to head of development Gabrielle Canny, Amica can reduce the legal costs of divorce. “We want to help people solve their problems without spending tens of thousands of dollars on lengthy legal battles,” concluded Canny. NIX Solutions notes that you can use the online tool completely free of charge until the end of the year.