NIX Solutions: Canadian Developer Created AI-Philosopher

Vancouver-based programmer Murat Eifer has developed an artificial intelligence capable of reflecting on the meaning of life and answering philosophical questions. It was reported by The Next Web.

The program is called Philosopher AI, it analyzes text using the Open AIGPT-3 neuroalgorithm and then discusses the proposed topic or answers the question posed.

“The answers of the AI ​​philosopher are always different and may contradict each other. You can talk to it as much as you like,” Murat Eifer explains.

The developer says that AI is unlikely to generate ideas of its own and simply “imitates having knowledge.”

At the same time, the virtual philosopher refuses to discuss some questions, notes NIX Solutions. For example, the algorithm declined to answer which religion was the worst, stating that it did not want to get itself or its developers in trouble. A similar reaction followed when the AI is asked who is smarter, men or women.

Eifer did not elaborate on why the AI ​​refuses to answer some of the questions, but said he wants to add more personality types and conversational aspects to the system. Speaking about the future of the project, the developer said that he is thinking of turning it into a kind of game.