NIXSolutions: Anthropic Expands Reach with Claude Mobile App

Founded by former OpenAI employees, Anthropic is actively promoting its chatbot Claude in competition with ChatGPT. The developer has released a mobile application for iPhone, which is already available for both free and paid Claude users, The Verge reports.


Mobile Access Anywhere

The Claude mobile app acts as a chatbot and can also analyze user images. For example, recognize bird species in photographs and much more. Previously, access to Claude was only possible through the website, or through third-party AI model platforms. Now, thanks to the application, you can communicate with Claude at any time and anywhere, in addition, it is synchronized with the web version, so that the dialogues are saved.

Plans for Expansion

According to Scott White, product manager at Anthropic, many Claude users use the mobile web to access AI models. This prompted the company to release a mobile version for iOS, and a version for Android is planned to be released soon. However, Anthropic was a little late with the release of the mobile app compared to major competitors such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini, both of which had mobile apps much earlier.

New Features and Pricing

Note that the creators of Claude made the application free for all Claude AI users, including free users, Claude Pro subscribers, and groups of subscribers of the new Claude Team tariff. The new Claude Team plan, launched this month, gives access to Claude models to a minimum of 5 team members for $30 per seat per month. Users will be able to share access to Claude with other group members. Claude Team subscribers get all the benefits of the Pro plan, plus the ability to make more chat queries and analyze longer documents compared to Pro and free users. In addition, the Team plan provides enhanced administrative rights and the ability to quickly switch between Pro and Team subscriptions, notes NIXSolutions.

Let’s remember that in March Anthropic announced a family of Claude 3 models, including Sonet, Opus, and Haiku. And last September, the company attracted $4 billion in investment from Amazon. Thus, the release of the mobile application and the new paid Team plan are steps by Anthropic to strengthen its position in the competitive market of AI models. We’ll keep you updated on further developments from Anthropic.