NIX Solutions: 66% Intend To Make Purchase After an AR Experience From Brand

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are changing online shopping behavior, and they are doing it quickly. Two new studies could help online sellers better serve relevant content to those buyers.

NIX Solutions

Research by Snap, Publicis Media and Alter Agents found a link between augmented reality and purchasing decisions. According to AR experience data from the brand, increasing product demos and personalization has a significant impact on overall purchasing decisions, increasing the likelihood of a purchase by at least 70%.

It was also found that roughly 3 in 4 consumers surveyed say AR will influence their buying decisions over the next 5 years, and 2 in 3 are “more likely to buy” a product after an AR experience, says MMR.

“Consumers expect more from brands, and this study proves that AR supports those expectations by not only delighting customers, but also positively impacting purchasing decisions,” said David Rother, vice president of global agency and brand partnerships. , Snap Inc. “When developing marketing and engagement strategies, brands need to consider the usefulness and broad appeal of AR experiences as the evidence shows that this is becoming critical to long-term success.”

Meanwhile, Octane AI has released a new report showing what shoppers are looking for when shopping online. About half of them want to buy cosmetics, 61% are looking for clothes and about 47% are looking for household goods.

When it comes to where they find products, 88% of those surveyed search or browse the internet, and 84% refer to brands through friends’ recommendations; just over three quarters (80%) discover brands through social media, notes NIX Solutions.

Other interesting findings from the report:

  • 71% are “inclined” to share personal information in exchange for personalized recommendations.
  • 53% prefer to communicate with the brand via email, 12% via text messages.
  • 24% say they don’t buy unknown brands or products online at first because they “want to test” the product.
  • 9% think free shipping is important to them in general, 8% think product reviews are important.