NIX Solutions: Bing Chatbot Now Accessible on 3rd-Party Browsers

Expanding Reach to Third-Party Browsers

Microsoft has extended access to its Bing Chatbot, leveraging a generative neural network, to users of popular third-party browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari. This significant move allows a broader audience to experience the capabilities of the Bing bot.

NIX Solutions

Limited Rollout with Browser Extension

A special browser extension granting access to the Bing Chatbot was recently made available to a select group of users. The extension serves as a testing ground for the feature on other browsers, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience before wider deployment.

Gradual Access and Testing Procedures

A Microsoft representative confirmed the limited rollout, stating that they are testing the feature on other browsers before offering access to more users. This gradual approach allows for comprehensive testing and refinement of the Bing Chatbot‘s performance on different platforms.

Notifications for Windows Users

Windows users participating in the testing program will receive a notification through a pop-up window, which will appear on the taskbar of either Windows 10 or Windows 11. The notification prompts users to try out the Bing Chatbot on the Chrome browser.

Availability for macOS Users

While the specifics of notifying macOS users about the Bing Chatbot‘s availability were not disclosed, it can be assumed that a similar notification mechanism will be employed to inform users of the exciting new offering.

Limitations of the Bing Extension

The Bing extension does come with some limitations when used in third-party browsers, notes NIX Solutions. For instance, the chatbot’s ability to process requests is limited to a maximum of 2000 characters, compared to the 3000-character limit when used in Microsoft Edge.