NIXsolutions: ChatGPT for iOS Available in 11 More Countries

OpenAI released the ChatGPT iOS app in the US in mid-May, and it’s now available in 11 new countries. The list includes Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, South Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria and the UK.

The experience of using the ChatGPT app on the iPhone is exactly the same as the web version, and the conversation history is synchronized between the computer and the mobile device. ChatGPT Plus subscribers can take advantage of the ability to access GPT-4 through the app to get answers even faster.


Voice input is made available thanks to a new app feature that uses OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition system. Users can now enter text using voice commands. However, it’s worth noting that the ChatGPT app is currently only available for iPhone, and iPad owners still need to use the web version of the app.

Future plans and reactions to new technology

OpenAI promises that the ChatGPT application will be available on smartphones around the world in the near future. But despite this, Android users are still waiting for the release of the application, despite the initial announcements by OpenAI that it will be released soon.

Simplifying access to artificial intelligence (AI) is attracting widespread attention, including from lawmakers who are paying particular attention to the new technology, notes NIXsolutions. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stressed that the company may decide to withdraw the ChatGPT application from the European market if new rules are introduced that the company cannot work with.

With the increased availability of the ChatGPT app for iOS, OpenAI is taking steps towards greater usage and user engagement, but challenges and questions remain about regulating this rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.